It’s So Much Sweeter

via Daily Prompt: Bitter


He is done. He’s had it. He says he’s leaving me and moving on. Doesn’t want to work it out. Doesn’t want to fight anymore. Where did your love for me go?, I plead.

This can’t be it.

But, it is.

It is done. We are no more.



I hurt very much, yes.

Bitter, no.

I always move forward. I forgive him for the hurt and pain, because he doesn’t realize my perspective. And that’s okay. It didn’t work out, and I thank him for making the push to be honest, for what we both know was true. It was never going to work out.

Time will heal this, as it has healed past hurts. And it did.

It’s been over a year and I have a new love, one that I could not have imagined possible. I stopped thinking of him a long time ago. Him leaving was the best thing to happen, or else I wouldn’t have my love now. My new life, my new me, my new happiness.

Forgiving and forgetting is the best thing one can give to others, and to themselves.

It’s better to be free than bitter.

❤ Practice love today.


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