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via Daily Prompt: Lifestyle

What does your lifestyle say about you?

No, not your clothing, or your eyebrows, or your Insta-fashion.

Life. Style. Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Does your happiness bounce your steps? Do you make decisions before you’ve “had your coffee”, or are you the type to delay and use that excuse? Do you yell at your kids at home because you had a bad day at work? Are you able to handle even the slightest of change?

My life’s style is constantly striving to seek betterment. I was recently yelled at hospice patient, not because of what I was doing, but because I happened to be his sounding board at the moment. I empathized, I smiled, I genuinely showed concern. He says, “you’re a believer, I can just tell by your demeanor”. To me, that means I’m wearing my life right. Living with conviction. Finding purpose. Paying attention.

I am not visibly weathered by life’s stresses, even though they are on me at full force. No, they are already a hassle and I will not let them destroy my being. My style is to problem-solve, to find opportunity in failures, to make good where there is none.

What is your life style?

How are you wearing your life?

Does it show?

Or, is your life wearing on you?


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