via Daily Prompt: Panicked


How easy it is to go from zero to panicked within seconds!

People who are quick to temper: I am amazed that you can’t get to “happy” as quickly as you panic.

Oh, the energy that is wasted on anger, and on fear, and on hurriedness. If only you can channel that pop, that pow, that zing, into something good and happy and true. Because really, being panicked is a puff a smoke. As soon as the trigger leaves, or the panick-er tires, it is gone. All that remains is a sludge of toxic energy that festers into pain and weakness.

Something good, though. Goodness spreads. It lasts, if only a little bit longer. It can change the hardest of hearts.  It can make the happy even happier, and that is possible! Faith and calmness brings considered movements as it is not clouded with garbage anxiety.

Don’t go from zero to panicked. Go from okay to brilliant. Don’t feed yourself negative feelings and actions. Be strong enough to choose logic and tranquility. Your mind and soul and body will thank you.20170430_112855

It’s easier to see the horizon with your eyes and heart  o p e n


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