Control -/- Release

I am standing in a line full of hipsters and street people. Do I stand out or blend in? Am I too old to care? Probably. I am still wearing my work attire and had rushed downtown to get to the theater. I have to be here.

Soon. The music that has been with me during seemingly endless hours studying at the public library. The words that have calmed anxieties and fears. The beats that have hyped me up before getting to a party or before a dreaded interview that could save my life. The music.

I experience the show of my lifetime. The soundtrack to my life, live and in person, and with amazing energy that I’ve never seen from a group of artists. I know every word, I know every tone, and now I met the person who has unknowingly given me so much. I am the loudest girl in the crowd, I jump the highest, I rock to every tune. I can’t be contained!

After the show, Paul hugs me and tells, “you’re beautiful”. Such simple words from a stranger, yet not a stranger to me, as I’ve been listening to this man for years. This man, who spills his entire soul into his music. I thank him. If I could only express the magnitude of my “thank you”.

I leave the show feeling anew. I let go of the negativity that has harbored my life for so long. Someone who doesn’t even know me saw beauty in my being.

Was it my own doing, to make the choice to be rejuvenated? Maybe. But, I made the choice with just a tiny push.

It happened. It’s here. And I’m ready to do.

The music.

“Take control of the atmosphere

You can take my world, you can fill the air

Take control

It’s such a beautiful surrender”


via Daily Prompt: Control


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